FAQ for Mentees

If you answer Yes to any of the questions below, this app is for you
  • Do you want to go to college?
  • Are you looking for a personalized, unbiased, affordable college advice?
  • Are you unable to afford a private counselor and need college advice?
  • Do you want to know chances of getting into your dream college?
  • Are you not sure of what majors will help you in the long run?
  • Do you need a college student to review your college essay?
  • Do you want to know about campus life & culture?
  • Do you want to know if you can fit in your dream college?
  • Do you have questions about financial aid?
  • Are you a parent concerned about your childs college admission?
Every college student who applies for the mentor position must have a college email address, a valid college id and a valid phone number. Every mentor also need to go through a personal interview
Yes, mentors go through a series of webinars to train themselves to be most effective for their mentoring sessions.
We have mentors from all Ivy Leagues and top 50 US Colleges. We are frequently adding new colleges but if you need mentors from a specific college just send us an email to support@mentr.io
Yes. Visit any mentor's profile and tap on the "Message" icon to start a chat with the mentor or continue chatting with a previous conversation
Yes. You can do it two ways. (1) Start a Chat conversation with the mentor to get instant advice on your topic (2) Several mentors offer free advice so you can talk to them before booking a longer advice session. Tap on the "Free 5 minutes advice" button on the mentor profile to book a free session. You don't need credit card to book this session
Absolutely yes. We don't store your credit card information nor do we process your payment on our servers. Payment is handled by Paypal, which is one of the largest and most secure payment processors in thw world. Your information is completely safe with Paypal
  • Sign up as Mentee Account
  • Search for Mentors. Select College Mentor or Career Mentor
  • Go through the Mentor's profile
  • Tap on the Phone icon at the bottom
  • Select "Book 30 minutes call" or "Book 5 minutes call"
  • Find an available time slot. Time are shown as per your phone's timezone
  • Add a topic to discuss
  • Record question in your voice
  • Pay using Paypal or Credit card
  • Wait for mentor to respond to your request
  • Talk to the mentor at the schedluled time
  • Rate the mentor after the call
ActivityPayment Status
My meeting was declined by the mentorYou will not be charged
Mentor did not respondYou will not be charged
I cancelled the meeting before it startedYou will not be charged
Mentor cancelled the meeting before it startedYou will not be charged
Mentor accepted but I did not callYou will be charged
Mentor accepted but did not attend the callMoney will be refunded
I tried calling but call did not connectMoney will be refunded
The call was dropped in the middle of the conversationYou can trying calling again up until 30 minutes after the start of the meeting. You will be charged
I was late calling the mentor so did not utilize the full 30 minsYou will be charged for the full session
My call went beyond 30 minsYou will be charged for the full session plus the overage on a per minute basis
  • Sign up as Mentor Account. Select College mentor or Career mentor
  • Upload your profile photo
  • Record a video introduction and audio introduction
  • Fill your basic information
  • Add School and Major if you are a College mentor. Add work experience if you are a Career mentor
  • Add your availability for next couple of days
  • Set a competitive price
  • Accept requests from Mentees
  • Talk to the mentee at the scheduled time
  • We will disburse funds every 15 days to your Paypal account
You can contact us by
Email: support@mentr.io
Phone: +1-408-771-8632 (ask for Nish)
Mentr was founded in the Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area) by two experienced silicon valley software engineers who went through the pain of college admission when they were young (they still are). When they graduated from college, they had to find jobs and they were desperately looking to find ways to connect with professionals who can guide them. They decided to solve this problem by creating a platform like Mentr where anyone can seek college and career advice from those who have the right knowledge to help out. You can find all about the company at http://mentr.io

FAQ for Mentors

You don't have to be a genius to become as Mentor but you need to demonstrate some qualities as mentioned below. We proud in making sure mentor effectiveness is very high
  • You need to be a current college student or employed in a company
  • You need to have some expertise to offer
  • You need to have the will to help others and not do this just for money
  • You should already been mentoring someone in some form or the other
  • You should be sincere, punctual and honest
  • You should be able to provide us proof of your connection with your establishment (college or company)
Follow these simple steps
  • Download the App from AppStore or Playstore
  • Sign up as College Mentor or Career Mentor
  • Verify your phone number
  • Verify your official email (college email or work email)
  • Verify your identity by providing non-expired Student Id or Company Badge with your photo on it
  • Take a short personal interview with Mentr's team where we can assess your background and aspirations better
  • Fill your profile, fill as much data as you can, make it look interesting
Once you give us the required data, Mentr will make a decision to make your profile live. We will let you know if for some reason we are unable to approve you.
Yes, details of the training will be provided to you during your interview.
There are several ways mentees can contact mentors
  • Through Chat Messages (newly introduced)
  • Through Phone Calls
  • Through Video Calls (coming up soon)
You can decide what communication methods you want to allow, although we recommend to allow all means of communication to maximize your interactions.
There are various ways of making money
  • Paid Phone Advice - You can provide advice on the phone. You can set any reasonable price
  • Services - We plan to introduce various services that College and Career mentors can provide and charge a fee for those. Some examples being Essay Review, Resume review, Resume referrals etc. These will be introduced in few weeks
Free chat is a great way for mentors to strike the first conversation with mentees, it makes mentees much more comfortable in talking to a mentor. We have seen the chances of getting a paid call after a chat session are increased by 200%.
Free calls are limited to just 5 minutes and is great way to introduce yourself to mentees so they know how you can help. We have seen that once the menteee get good advice in the 5 minute call, they almost always book a paid phone call.
Mentors are paid 70% of their hourly rate minus any applicable taxes and regulatory fee.