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Regarding admission procedure and scholarship programs for colleges in USA. For students from India

  • Neeraja
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Regarding admission procedure and scholarship programs for colleges in USA. For students from India.

My daughter Neeraja is in 9th std studying in an IB Board school in India at present.

She wants to study in USA. We want to explore all options which will help her get scholarship for her education in USA.

Although its still time for her to get into college but your advice would help us prepare her for getting into best college and also enable her to get scholarship for her studies.

Looking for advice in
1. Colleges with Scholarship program and what preparations required for the scholarship.
2. Advice on Major selection as she has multiple options in mind.

Thanks a lot in advance :)


Dinesh Chavan

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    • Roy (UC Santa Cruz, UCSC - Computer Science)
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      Regarding getting scholarships, I recommend that you volunteer in a field that suits your ideal major. An example, if you want to study engineering, volunteer at Girls Who Code. That will look good on an application, and be a great thing to write about when you apply for scholarships. Also try to get the best grades you possibly can because that also plays a significant role in the scholarship process.

      You should pick a major based on what you love to do and what you're passionate about. If something doesn't interest you, don't do it because you won't be happy. Do what makes you happy.

      Date: 10-05-2017
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      • Julia (Yale University - Biology)
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        The biggest source of scholarships will be the college itself in the form of financial aid, most likely. Colleges consider you for financial aid when you submit your normal application and there are usually no extra steps you need to take to be considered. Basically, you apply to a college and then along with your admissions letter comes a statement of how much the school will cost for you. This only requires filling out a form called FASFA which should definitely be done the year before you plan to start college.

        Picking a major is usually decided later on, around sophomore year of college in the USA. It's good to have an idea of what your interests are, but don't worry too much about it.

        Date: 10-05-2017
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        • Neeraja (Mentee)

          Thanks Roy and Julia for your valuable advice. I will get back to you soon to discuss further. Its definitely a great forum and app to bridge the gap between good colleges and good students.

          Date: 10-05-2017
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          • Paula (Cornell University - Biology)
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            Everyone above gave great advice! I'd just like to add that you will definitely have better luck at some schools than others.

            First, most American public schools give very little financial aid to international students, if they give any at all. You will likely have better luck at private schools as a result.

            Additionally, most private schools are *not* need blind for international students. This means that your daughter will have a harder time being admitted to certain schools if she needs financial aid. That said, if she has a strong application, that shouldn't be a very large factor. Most schools willing to offer financial aid to international students do so because they want strong students regardless of their financial situations.

            I wish your daughter the best of luck with her high school career!

            Date: 10-05-2017
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            • Neeraja (Mentee)

              Thanks Paula for the honest feedback. Will keep that in mind and revert back to you at the right time.

              Date: 10-05-2017
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