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Demonstrating leadership by being a club officer?

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I have read that colleges are looking for leadership qualities, would you have to be a club officer or are there other ways to demonstrate leadership

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    • Paula (Cornell University - Biology)
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      There are many ways to demonstrate leadership! These include starting your own nonprofit or volunteer initiative, coordinating an activity with a local organization, or working in a job where you're in charge of other employees. As long as you're in charge of getting other people to work towards a common goal, it's leadership.

      Date: 10-05-2017
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      • Roy (UC Santa Cruz, UCSC - Computer Science)
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        Listing that you're president of some club isn't as important as what you did and why you did it.
        Did you manage a budget? Did you organize a fundraiser? If so how much money did you raise? Why are you part of this club? What makes you passionate about this kind of work? How successful was your club? Did you recruit members? How many members did you recruit?

        Those are all things colleges want you to tell them--they want to see your passion and drive!

        Date: 20-05-2017
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