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Question: I am currently a junior in high school. I'm at a crossroads right now trying to look for the right college and the right major. Many people have told me to major in Finance/International Business, but still I am not convinced that a major in Finance is the right major for me. How is Berkeley's business program?

Answer: Berkeley business program is very competitive. Many people are vying to get in and about 50% of the people who apply actually do. However I will say that the business community is a great community and you'll definitely make a lot of ...  Read Full Chat Transcript

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Question: Uh I just wanted to ask you if you think I'd be accepted into Berkeley.

Answer: That's very hard to say since there are so many factors both subjective and objective. I think the most we can do is do our best, try to hit the baseline of objective factors, and ask ...  Read Full Chat Transcript

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