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Question: I am from California. I started using this app for more advice on what I could do for test preparation for the SAT or ACT. I am currently a senior; my last year of high school. I am not sure what schools to choose.

Answer: There is a giant blue collegeboard book that has like 10 practice tests in it. The most important thing is just practicing a bunch. You don't really "study" for it per se, you just learn the ...  Read Full Chat Transcript

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Question: Hi! I'm currently a high school senior and I really want to go to USC. My mom works there so it would really help me financially and it's close to where I live! Also, I'm interested in the school's bio major. My unweighted GPA is 3.79 and my weighted is 4.23. I have taken 6 APs (including this year) and 6 honor classes. My GPA has risen from 9th grade and I'm going to be taking Act this Saturday, I think I'll get around a 32 because that's where my score is for practice tests. As for my extracurricular I am a research intern at USC. Also I've been in MUN for four years. I'm also really involved with clubs, I started an Alzheimer's Awareness club last year and was co pres and this year I'm sec. Because I can't be pres of more than one club, I've been part of HOSA ( a health club) since 9th grade and last year I was a secretary and this year I'm pres, also I was a greenworks officer for two years and member for four years. And I'm in NHS, just a member. I was wondering if you have any advice for me and also if I should take sat subject tests?

Answer: Okay so I think you definitely have a very strong academic and extracurricular background! Seeing how your mom is already at USC I believe that you will also have a slightly better hand than those ...  Read Full Chat Transcript

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