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Question: I was wondering if you could give me advice on admission to Harvard (and other top schools). I've been working on my common app essay and I keep rewriting it from scratch, completely unsatisfied. Now, I'm worried that my topic is not at all what colleges are looking for. I'm also concerned about my extracurriculars - whether they are good enough and which to include and in what order. It's so overwhelming! Let me know if you have any advice or want more specifics. Thanks!

Answer: Thanks for reaching out. There are plenty of ways to write a common app essay. For my essay, I focused on a really small and seemingly insignificant moment in my life and described how it illuminated a certain ...  Read Full Chat Transcript

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Question: I want to pursue a career in the field of Architecture, and my question is: Can undergraduates study architecture in Harvard or is it only for graduates?

Answer: Great question! So you won't have any undergrad at Harvard concentrating (Harvard's lingo for majoring) in architecture. In that sense, architecture is only at the grad school level ...  Read Full Chat Transcript

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Question: I am from California. I started using this app for more advice on what I could do for test preparation for the SAT or ACT. I am currently a senior; my last year of high school. I am not sure what schools to choose.

Answer: There is a giant blue collegeboard book that has like 10 practice tests in it. The most important thing is just practicing a bunch. You don't really "study" for it per se, you just learn the ...  Read Full Chat Transcript

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Question: Hi! How many AP classes did you take in high school?

Answer: I took 2 my junior year and 5 my senior year, so 7 total. But every school is different! My high school was fairly small so we didn't have too many options for ap classes, but other ...  Read Full Chat Transcript

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