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Question: I was wondering if you could give me advice on admission to Harvard (and other top schools). I've been working on my common app essay and I keep rewriting it from scratch, completely unsatisfied. Now, I'm worried that my topic is not at all what colleges are looking for. I'm also concerned about my extracurriculars - whether they are good enough and which to include and in what order. It's so overwhelming! Let me know if you have any advice or want more specifics. Thanks!

Answer: Thanks for reaching out. There are plenty of ways to write a common app essay. For my essay, I focused on a really small and seemingly insignificant moment in my life and described how it illuminated a certain ...  Read Full Chat Transcript

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Question: I am a junior now. Like what you said in your bio, I'm pretty frustrated about the whole college application process too. I really want to get into selective colleges esp Columbia/Stanford, but I'm not sure what to do next to help me with the process. My current gpa is 3.97 (we don't have APs so only unweighted gpa) and my mock SAT is around 1500(I'm taking a real one this December). For my extra curriculum, I play the Chinese zither and I've performed it in Carnegie hall for a competition. I was one of the finalists for an international music competition at Stanford too. I also do ballet in our local art college. For social experiences, I work at a law firm as a file clerk. I have been a TA for the math class at school and I'm taking the most advanced math class in junior year, which means I might go to a local college for my math class in senior year. Moreover, i speak Chinese and French too. I went to France for an exchange program earlier this year for two months through the connection of our high school. Do u have any further suggestions/advice on what I can do to improve? Btw I'm not doing all these FOR applying for college; I love all the things that I am doing and I have passion for them. I just need someone experienced and nice (like you! It's really nice of u to do this!) to guide me a little bit and help me with applying the colleges I like while I am still able to do the things I love. :):) hope you can have a little time to read through my long message ;) thank you!

Answer: Wow, have you started forming your resume yet because your credentials are so impressive!! Will you be taking the ACT as well?? I would recommend taking both SAT and ACT because most people tend to ...  Read Full Chat Transcript

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Question: I'm applying to college this fall and I wanted some advice. :) I plan to apply to mostly safeties, but also a few reaches (like Yale) to see what happens. There's nothing I can do about my extracurriculars, now. So, I'm praying they are good enough to be considered.

Answer: I'm so glad you reached out to me and I'm happy to help. Firstly Yale isn't a reach. With your extracurriculars and track and all he other stuff it is totally possible so don't sell yourself short! Firstly before I go further ...  Read Full Chat Transcript

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Question: Hi! I'm currently a high school senior and I really want to go to USC. My mom works there so it would really help me financially and it's close to where I live! Also, I'm interested in the school's bio major. My unweighted GPA is 3.79 and my weighted is 4.23. I have taken 6 APs (including this year) and 6 honor classes. My GPA has risen from 9th grade and I'm going to be taking Act this Saturday, I think I'll get around a 32 because that's where my score is for practice tests. As for my extracurricular I am a research intern at USC. Also I've been in MUN for four years. I'm also really involved with clubs, I started an Alzheimer's Awareness club last year and was co pres and this year I'm sec. Because I can't be pres of more than one club, I've been part of HOSA ( a health club) since 9th grade and last year I was a secretary and this year I'm pres, also I was a greenworks officer for two years and member for four years. And I'm in NHS, just a member. I was wondering if you have any advice for me and also if I should take sat subject tests?

Answer: Okay so I think you definitely have a very strong academic and extracurricular background! Seeing how your mom is already at USC I believe that you will also have a slightly better hand than those ...  Read Full Chat Transcript

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Question: Hi! How many AP classes did you take in high school?

Answer: I took 2 my junior year and 5 my senior year, so 7 total. But every school is different! My high school was fairly small so we didn't have too many options for ap classes, but other ...  Read Full Chat Transcript

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