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Question: I am a junior now. Like what a lot of kids are undergoing right now, I'm pretty frustrated about the whole college application process too. I really want to get into selective colleges esp Columbia/Stanford, but I'm not sure what to do next to help me with the process. My current gpa is 3.97 (we don't have APs so only unweighted gpa) and my mock SAT is around 1500(I'm taking a real one this December). For my extra curriculum, I play the Chinese zither and I've performed it in Carnegie hall for a competition. I was one of the finalists for an international music competition at Stanford too. I also do ballet in our local art college. For social experiences, I work at a law firm as a file clerk. I have been a TA for the math class at school and I'm taking the most advanced math class in junior year, which means I might go to a local college for my math class in senior year. Moreover, i speak Chinese and French too. I went to France for an exchange program earlier this year for two months through the connection of our high school. Do u have any further suggestions/advice on what I can do to improve? Btw I'm not doing all these FOR applying for college; I love all the things that I am doing and I have passion for them. I just need someone experienced and nice (like you! It's really nice of u to do this!) to guide me a little bit and help me with applying the colleges I like while I am still able to do the things I love. :):) hope you can have a little time to read through my long message ;) I appreciate your time!

Answer: Wow! You're repertoire is impressive! I think you are doing all the right things. Keep going at things you're passionate about and continue to excel in the things you do. I'd say that your next step is to find a ...  Read Full Chat Transcript

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