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Question: Hi there! I'm currently a junior in high school wondering about admissions chances to Princeton! I have a 3.9 UW and 4.52 W GPA, 1510 SAT, and a 34 ACT. I'm the co-head programmer of the robotics team for two years, and I am on the A team for math league and science Olympiad. If I have any chance at getting in to Princeton please let me know! Thanks so much! 😊

Answer: Based on the numbers, you are most definitely qualified, and I'm happy to see that you have dedicated your time to three extracurriculars. So go for it! A lot of people think that you have to do something or be ...  Read Full Chat Transcript

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Question: Uh I just wanted to ask you if you think I'd be accepted into Berkeley.

Answer: That's very hard to say since there are so many factors both subjective and objective. I think the most we can do is do our best, try to hit the baseline of objective factors, and ask ...  Read Full Chat Transcript

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