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Question: I am starting to grow some interest into attended NYU. I have a couple of questions. First, how can you find time to focus on your studies when your in the middle of NYC?

Answer: Honestly, It's disorienting at first. Because yes, you are in the middle of NYC. But!! it's also important to remember that you have the whole school year to travel about the city. And if you plan your ...  Read Full Chat Transcript

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Question: Hi, I'm a high school junior. I'm still in the process of finding colleges that interest me, and recently, I started considering applying to Duke. I want to major in history. Have you enjoyed your experience at Duke so far? What are some of the best things about the school?

Answer: Although I'm majoring in engineering, computer science and economics, I got a history minor as well. So I think I'm qualified to answer you question :). I really enjoy my experience here at Duke. There are ...  Read Full Chat Transcript

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