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Hi, I was wondering about the personal statement part of the college application- I've been having a lot of trouble thinking of what to write, and how to write it (without sounding cliche). If you could help me out and just tell me what colleges are looking for, along what lines it would help a lot! thanks
Hey there! Definitely! I want to link you a blog that I wrote for Mentr for starting a personal statement. I think you would get a lot out of it! In terms of what to write and what colleges are looking for, think of a time where you faced a challenge or an uphill battle and how you overcame or were resilient during that time. Colleges love these three words: resiliency, empathy, and determination. You want your personal statement to reflect who you are. Colleges are looking for people, not robots. Think of it like a conversation where someone has just asked, "tell me a little bit about yourself" and go from there. Oh and before doing any of this, you need to write down every single thing you have done in high school and compile a list of things/events that you believe reflects your character the most. Hope this helps! And here is the link to the blog that will give you a bit more info. https://mystudentvoices.com/strategies-to-starting-a-perfect-a-college-essay-adefd4368cff#.3x4nwadhc Let me know if you need anything else!
Thank you so so much! You've helped so much!